Local Activities

Quesnel and Williams Lake are 60 minutes’ drive from the property.

Beautiful falls that run into the lake           almost at the end of Quesnel  lake east arm.

World Class Kayaking on the natural Quesnel and Cariboo Rivers.         

On natural rivers up to “Class 5″ rapids. For more info contact Chilko River Rafting or Big Canyon Rafting

Yanks Peak is a popular with snow mobile clubs.  It is accessed through Likely or Wells/Barkerville Roads. In the summer months it is a beautiful alpine area for day trips and picnics.  The views are spectacular and the alpine meadows lovely.

The Likely area boasts endless miles of forest service roads and Historic mining trails,which are populor hiking trails.  The Cedar Point Provinical Park is an exellent place to embark on a hike.

  1. Browntop Mountain Hiking Trail

This is an  un-maintained wilderness road 11.5 km from the junction of the 8400 Road. From Keithley Creek Road turn right at the Barkerville sign, cross the Cariboo River and turn left onto the 8400 Road. Proceed 4.1 km on the 8400 Road to the C Road. Turn right and continue for 7.4 km to the trailhead. The road to the trailhead has grown in and may not be accessible by vehicle.

2.  Cameron Ridge Trail

A beautiful hike 14 km (8.7 mi) twhich climbs along Cameron Ridge to the Cariboo Mountains Lookout. This trail was built by the Cariboo Mountains Wilderness Coalition as part of their efforts to protect the area. It is an easy hike through lovely sub-alpine meadows and surrounded by peaks, that leads to a stunning overlook of the north arm of Quesnel Lake. The trailhead is located about halfway (70 km/43 mi) between Barkerville and the town of Likely.

3.   Bullion Pit Hike.   5 km hike on Likely Road on the Likely side of the bridge.  A short 1km steep walk down to this majestic spot on the Quesnel River.  Easy hike on graveled road.

4. Gavin Lake TrailsWatch for the Gavin Lake sign after you leave Morehead going towards Williams Lake. The road will be on your left side. The trails start at the Forest Recreation site on Gavin Lake.

Likely has great fishing for all types of anglers. The types of fish found in our area are Rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, Bull trout, Char, Burbot, Kokanee, Chinook and Sockeye Salmon.

Benny Lake, Spanish Lake Road. This lake is quite small and remote with walk in access only and fishing is off shore.

Bootjack Lake, Bootjack Road. Small lake with boat launch and recreation site.

Cariboo Lake, Keithley Road and Cariboo Lake Road. Camping and boat launch at Ladies Creek recreation site.Cariboo River, Keithley Road, Quesnel Forks

Gavin Lake, Gavin Lake Road

Ghost Lake, 8400 Road to Barkerville. Recreation Site.

Jacobie Lake, Likely Road to Jacobie Lake Road. Recreation site and boat launch.

Mitchell River, Access though the north arm of Quesnel Lake by boat.

Quesnel Lake (North and East Arm) Recreation site, paved boat launch at Cedar Point “Class C” Provincial Park and at Abbott Creek Beach. Up the lake there is Boat Gas and Food available at Plato Island Resort and Elysha Resort (seasonal) Quesnel Lake is accessable from Likely or Horsefly at Mitchell Bay.

Quesnel River and Bullion Pool, Old Quesnel Forks Road. Not a through road and the road gets pretty bad before the Bullion Pool so it’s a good idea to walk in.

Spanish Lake, Spanish Lake Road. Recreation site and boat launch for small boats.

Tasse Lake, Spanish Lake Road. Recreation site and boat launch for small boats.

Wolverine Lake, Kangaroo Creek Road. Recreation site and boat launch for small boats.

Yanks Peak 
For the adventurous traveller a trip to Yanks Peak is well worth the time and effort, accessible only by four-wheel vehicles or on foot. Enjoy the fantastic, awe inspiring scenery, of old mines, wildlife and rolling hills, which lead to the historic mining town of Barkerville.

Ghost Lake
North of Likely, over the Quesnel River Bridge, continue straight onto Keithley Creek Road for approximately 25 km (15 miles),   then turn on the Cariboo River FSR (8400 Road) and travel approximately 65 km (41 miles) to Ghost Main FSR. From the Ghost Main turnoff the Ghost Lake campground is 5.7 km (3.6 miles) away.

Cariboo Falls                          

At the 15 km marker on the Keithley Creek Rd, turn right. (It is 16.5 km from Cedar Creek Rd turn) Parking and turn-around space at the ladders is very limited and this is an un-maintained road. If you choose to walk, it is 2.2 km from the top. In the fall, Chinook and Sockeye salmon are jumping up the falls.
  • Cedar Point Park
  • Abbott Creek
  • Bootjack Lake(info not available at this time since Mt. Polley spill)
  • Cariboo Island
  • Jacobie Lake
  • Ladies Creek
  • Quesnel Forks
  • Raft Creek(info not available at this time since Mt. Polley)
  • Spanish Lake
  • Winkley Creek
  • Wolverine Lake
Emergency call: +350 457 628

The Likely Tourist Information and Cedar City Museum in Cedar Point Park and Campground. Turn right at the stop sign when leaving downtown Likely onto Keithley Creek road. Keep to the right onto Cedar Creek Road and continue along the lake until you reach the park. About a 5 minute drive from Likely Street.

Plan a visit to Likely in late August and watch thousands of salmon migrate up the Quesnel River to their spawning grounds in the Horsefly and Mitchell Rivers. The Quesnel River Hatchery produces over 2 million Chinook salmon every year, view adult salmon from August 1st until late September and between November and April the fry can be observed during different stages of development. The hatchery is open seven days a week, from 8am to 4pm.


4X4 ONLY Unmaintained Road. From Keithley Creek Bridge,             drive and stay left at the first fork. Continue left at Powder Kings parkin g lot.   Follow the yellow arrow   left at 10.2 km from the bridge and continue to keep left. One more left will bring you to Little Snowshoe Creek which you must cross to reach the cabin. Veith and Borland had a store at Little Snowshoe Creek and Barrs Creek. The Little Snowshoe Cemetery is to the left of the cabin and across the road. Tom’s daughter Ethel still mines from her fathers cabin and owns the Chinese section of Keithley Creek. She was born in the Keithley Creek Hotel.

Quesnel Forks Ghost Town

Take the self guided tour of this historic ghost town! Tour information is on signs placed beside the buildings. Quesnel Forks is located 13 km from         Keithley  Creek Road. Turn at the Community Hall and follow Rosette Lake Rd as it turns into gravel road.
The ghost town of Ouesnel Forks was founded in 1859 and predates Barkerville. At one time it had one of the largest populations in mainland BC with 1,000 – 3,000 transient residents at the height of the gold rush. It was major supply centre for the miners as they headed further along the gold trail  and is actually a Chinese ghost town. Feel the ghosts of the past as you stroll among the restored buildings, the cottonwood trees and the old cemetery. There are Low Mobility Trails along the Cariboo River and through the heritage village as well as wheelchair accessible outhouses.