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Fall/Winter Hours Open daily 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

All Day Breakfast

Likely Breakfast
13 CAD
2 Eggs (fried, poached or screambled), 3 pieces thick cut bacon or sausages, 2 Home Made toasted bread (white/brown), jam, hash browns or tomatoes & lettuce

Eggs Benedict
13.5 CAD
Two poached eggs, ham, English muffin, Hollandaise Sauce, Hash Browns or Tomato slices & Lettue

Coffee Break or Dessert

Cinnamon Bun
3.5 CAD

Home-Made Pie
5.5 CAD
Ask server for daily selection

Chocolate Cake

Carrot Cake
4.5 CAD

Brownie Sunday
5.75 CAD

Pie & Ice cream

Scoop of Ice-Cream
From2.5 CAD

Soups & Salad

Starter soup with crackers
5.5 CAD

Starter Salad

Chef salad
14 CAD
Veggies, egg, cheese, ham, and roast beef

Dinner soup
8.5 CAD
With a slice of home made bread

Dinner salad
9.5 CAD

Add garlic bread
1.85 CAD

Starter Caesar Salad

Dinner Caesar Salad
9.5 CAD

Appetizers & Side Dishes

Buffalo Wings
From11.5 CAD
Honey Garlic, Teriyaki, BBQ bold, Frank's hot sauce, Ranch, or Blue Cheese

Coconut Shrimp

Pork Bites
5 ounce portion with Sweet & Sour sauce or Sweet Chili Sauce

Spring Roll
10 Mini veggie rolls with sweet chili dipping sauce or plum sauce

Mozzarella Sticks
With Marinara Sauce

Zucchini Sticks
7.5 CAD
5 ounce portion with Zoo-Dip

Yam Fries
From8 CAD
Chipotle dip

Kanabec Potato Fries
From5.5 CAD

From7 CAD

Onion Rings
7.5 CAD
With Zoo- dip


Likely Burger
13 CAD
5oz. Homemade Beef Pattie

Veggie Burger
13 CAD
Made on site and grilled

Chicken Burger
15 CAD
Grilled Chicken Breast

Fish Burger
14 CAD
Beer Battered 41/2 oz Pollock filet


Grilled Cheese
9.5 CAD

Ham & Cheese
11 CAD

12 CAD

Roast Beef
12.5 CAD

Club House
14.5 CAD

Beef Dip on Hoagie bun
15.25 CAD

6 oz Steak Sandwich
20 CAD
Served on the side of Garlic bread and Fries or Salad

Light Fare

Jumbo Hot Dog & Fries

Chili & Cornbread
From9 CAD

Chicken Fingers & Fries
From13 CAD
Served with honey mustard dip

Full Meals

Ukrainian Perogies & Sausage
14 CAD
Served with sour cream and coleslaw

Italian Lasagna & Garlic Bread
15 CAD
Served with Caesar salad

Fish & Chips
14 CAD
5 ounce Pollok fillet served with tartar sauce, lemon, and a side of coleslaw.

Following Meals are served with daily vegetable or salad, and your choice of rice or potato (Baked,
0.01 CAD

Salisbury Steak
13 CAD
Topped with Friend Onions & Mushrooms with gravy

Meat Loaf
15 CAD
Fried onions & gravy

Grilled Chicken
16 CAD
6 oz chicken Breast

Pork Schnitzel
19 CAD
with Gravy or Lemon slices

Top Sirloin AAA Grilling Steak
From20 CAD

Breakfast Menu 8:00 to 11:00 AM

Bacon & Eggs
12.95 CAD
3 pcs thick cut bacon 2 Eggs any style, 2 slices Toast, & hash brown or sliced tomato

Sausage and Eggs
12.95 CAD
4 Breakfast Sausage, 2 eggs any style, 2 slices toast, & hash browns, or slices tomato

French Toast
12.25 CAD
With bacon, sausage or 2 fried eggs and butter & Syrup.

Lite- Breakfast
7.95 CAD
1 Egg any style, 1 slice thick cut bacon or sausage, 1 slice toast & hash browns

Breakfast Sandwich
7.45 CAD
English muffin, Cheese, ham, 1 fried egg, lettuce & tomato

Open Faced Denver
9.5 CAD
2 scrambled eggs, ham, onion, on homemade toast, & hash browns

No Meat Breakfast
10.5 CAD
2 Eggs Any Style, hash browns with onion, peppers, mushrooms 2 slice toast, lettuce & tomato

Eggs Benedict
13.25 CAD
English Muffin, 2 poached Eggs, Ham, Hollandaise Sauce, & Hash Browns

3 Egg Omelet
11.95 CAD
Hash Browns and 2 Slices Toast

Cheese Omelet
13.25 CAD
Hash Browns and 2 Slices Toast

Veggie Omelet
13.75 CAD
Mushroom, bell pepper, tomato, onion, salsa, Hash Browns and 2 Slices Toast

Ham & Cheese Omelet
14.25 CAD
Hash Browns and 2 Slices Toast

Bacon & Cheese Omelet
14.75 CAD
Hash Browns and 2 Slices Toast

The Works Omelet
15.5 CAD
Hash Browns and 2 Slices Toast, bacon. sausage, cheese & Veggies

Steak & Eggs
20.5 CAD
6 oz. Steak, 2 eggs any style, hash browns & 2 pces Toast

hot and cold Drinks

3.25 CAD

3.25 CAD
Pot of Tea

Ice Tea
3.25 CAD
Homemade Ice Tea

From3.25 CAD
Apple, Orange or Cranberry

Hot Chocolate
3.95 CAD

Chocolate Milk
From3.25 CAD

Ice Coffee
2.5 CAD

Milk Large
3.5 CAD

Milk Small

Molsen Excel
4.75 CAD
Non Alcoholic

O Doul's
4.75 CAD
Non Alcoholic

5.5 CAD
Non Alcoholic

Virgin Caesar

Soft Drinks

2.5 CAD

4.25 CAD