Picture Gallery of area

Likely Lodge   Property   and    Dock




Likely Bridge



East Arm


QuesnQuesnel Riverel River

Cariboo MountainsCariboo Mountains


One Massive Rock Rock Formations

Inland Rainforest

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Likely landscapeYank’s Peak


Benny Lake




Benny Lake



Quesnel Forks

Likely Mining Museum

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  1. My family will be traveling to Likely tomorrow and arriving for our stay with you in two days. I would like to know the hours of operation of the museum if you happen to know them as well as if you have internet access for my topographical map app. Our purpose is to see Mt. Youngren named for my great uncle, but after studying the area, I would love for us to explore the area surrounding Likely. Ghost Lake, the falls, etc. Would you recommend the circle tour for this?

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